in my life i have been involved in many artistic pursuits and disciplines. i worked as a dancer and attended circle in the square in new york city. i studied literature at college and also completed the sfu writer’s studio program with a focus on poetry. my fine arts degreeĀ  was completed at emily carr. there i studied drawing, painting, and art history. around 10 years ago i picked up a camera with more serious intent, and all these other loves slipped into a line behind my commitment to making images that document life as it happens, as well as creating moments to document. i am continually studying the technical, as well as the conceptual aspects of my craft, while trying to maintain a purity, an authenticity, and a subtlety within the images. to me, the camera is an instrument that can create a distance from life, or an intimacy – my practice is aligned with the second. i hope my images are gentle, life-affirming, and even slightly mystical. i prefer black and white, but some images seem to stand their ground and be determined to present themselves in colour. my portfolios here are a small portion of my work. please visit the ‘possibilities’ page to see a range of what i do. thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolios. (also, kind guest, please excuse my disregard of capital letters, and direct your complaints to e.e. cummings.)

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photo of me, by johann wall, at my exhibition at the sp gallery