making portraits is one of my favorite forms of photography. i am inclined towards natural light – and i enjoy finding nuanced settings for images.



from the first wedding that i photographed i knew that i could deeply appreciate making images that celebrate love, community and family…in so many variations of those words. please visit my blog posts to see if i may be the right photographer for an upcoming wedding. i am currently on salt spring island and am  happy to take bookings anywhere in british colombia, or the world.



lately, i have been finding myself photographing a few more events – those have included farm-to-table dinners, music-socials, dance performances, plays, poetry readings, and festivals.  please be in touch if you are hosting something that you would like documented and i can send you my rates for various events.

for more information on the 4 photos for events that i have posted here, check out the pitchfork social and bullock lake farm.



yes. making images of this special time moves me. i find it very inspiring. please be in touch if you are wanting to make some photos. something raw or artful or simple or conceptual. authentic, beautiful, sensitive, real…..


be in touch for a vision and an estimate.

the photo here was for zoe fox at http://www.thrivelifestyle.ca/



some people treat a garden as a living-art, curating interesting collectives of plants and flowers.
i love photographing growing things.
i add this somewhat eccentric option to my list of photographic services for those who would like a piece of art made from their garden.
a print is included in the service.
cost depends on size of the final print.
contact me if you are curious.

photos of the world.

i travel a lot and have for a long time.
savvy nomad.
open to global projects.

visit my blog and portfolios to see some of my journeys.


thank you

thank you for your time.

i look forward to sharing more work through the years ahead.